Some people are destined to become inventors. So was the Swiss Eric Favre (b. 1947),NESPRESSO the creator of coffee machines and technological systems, whose greatest merit to mankind is the invention of disposable and metered portions of coffee in what we are accustomed to call coffee capsules today. History suggests that if Eric Favre had not married an Italian, the world would have waited a long timetų NESPRESSO. Indeed, it was his wife Anna-Maria who, because the Swiss did not know how to make good coffee, led Eric to a brilliant invention. The personal ambition of the offended man became the beginning of the coffee revolution. While visiting Rome, Favre drew attention to an unsightly cafe calledu „Caffe SantEustachioo“, which was besieged by people patiently waiting in line to taste the famous cityespresso coffee. In the legendary Roman cafe, closely watching the barista, Eric realized two delicaciesespresso the secret is, first of all, the extremely precise dosage of the coffee powder, and second, the powder was not immediately mixed with hot water, but was sprayed several times before with hot steam. Thanks to these observations, two ingenious ideas were born in Eric 's mind to create a precisely dosed coffee package as welli espressoa machine that allows everyone to enjoy good quality coffee in their own home. After returning to Switzerland, E. Favre quickly created an airtight capsule in the shape of a men's hat, a cauldron, and in 1976 introduced his firstą espresso the apparatus is a strangely shaped assembly clamped with a plurality of tubes and cylinders. The machine, no bigger than a vacuum cleaner, made good coffee from portions constructed by E. Favre. Although it was initially questioned whether the dosed coffee would cost or be able to suit individual tastes, today it is just such a coffee enjoyed in almost every